Episode 7: Private Property Rules Everything Around Me

Topics in this episode: 

  1. #TIMESUP at the Golden Globes and let's just let Oprah chill (2:00)
  2. Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador is being removed and why you should pay attention (4:15)
  3. PPREAM - the commodification of cities, Amazon HQ2, why do cities sell out (9:00)
    Zainab freaks out about how much Jeff Bezos is worth and we talk about the Black Mirror dystopia that is our future
  4. WCW: Kelly Marie Tran, the first Asian American woman to be on Star Wars, who went to Zainab's high school! (25:00)


  1. Radiolab: Brown Box - an inside look at an Amazon shipping center
  2. Amazon chooses 20 finalists for HQ2
  3. This interview lol "what will cities do to get Amazon" 
  4. See yourself in Frisco, Texas