Season 2, Episode 1 - Mental Health in Desi Communities

Welcome to the Chaivory Tower summer season - we are on break from grad school and digging into issues around south asian culture in the US and abroad! 

Topics in this episode: 

  • Since we're having a break down nearly every episode, we thought we'd bring on a guest to talk about mental health!
  • Zainab made a playlist of sad desi songs to cry to and you can listen to them on iTunes or Spotify (2:00)
  • Discussion on stigma on mental health, South Asian status anxiety, and capitalism (5:00)
  • Sidra doesn't know how to relax and Zainab hosts a live, public intervention (10:27)
  • Interview with Simeen Shaikh, a practicing psychotherapist and friend of Chaivory Tower who talks to us a little about mental health in Desi communities (13:26)
  • WCW: Ash Sarkar, a literal communist, goes off on Piers Morgan and Samirah shuts down Jesse Lee Peterson interviewing women at Amber Rose's slutwalk. (25:36)

See our ongoing list of mental health resources on our links page.