Season 2, Episode 2 - Partition

Topics in this episode: 

  • Environmental racism and the cost of clean air (1:00)

  • Zainab is shocked that people continue to work in her office even though there's a wasps nest in the women's bathroom (2:00)

  • Lebron James built an institution that is changing the game and your tax money is paying for all kinds of shady shit and we would happily pay taxes to support building capacity in the future generation! (8:45)

  • Sondos al Qattan (instagram beauty blogger) has some terrible takes on new Kuwaiti law for the rights of domestic workers - we're mad about it. (9:39)

  • Partition (12:25)

    • Sidra got sucked into a research black hole about the history and spatial politics of Partition

    • The British made a hot mess of everything (no one is surprised) - there is no such thing as peaceful colonization or decolonization and millions of people died

    • Zainab talks about intergenerational trauma because of Partition and shares personal family history around the topic (20:15)

    • Low key Pakistani identity is fake but that's fine. Also- the oppressed will mimic the oppressor is the tea today (25:40)

    • We can't talk about Kashmir because both Sidra and Zainab are on the brink of tears! This is too much! (30:13)

    • The impact of Partition on women (trigger warning- rape, sexual assault) (30:53)

  • WCW: Unfortunately we can't vote our way out of capitalism, and electoral politics are whatevs but we're still celebrating Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar in Congress. Also Fatima Farheen Mirza - author of A Place for Us (35:20)

Resources on Partition: