Season 3, Episode 2- Throw your phone away

We’re back and we’re done with grad school! We’re talking about surveillance capitalism and the data being collected on us all the time. If you still have a Facebook profile by the end of this episode we will stage an intervention at your house with all your friends and family.

1:40 - Intro, reflections on graduating (Z skipped graduation it’s fine), Desi daughter struggles

10:55- Puerto Ricans ousted their corrupt Governor!!!

15:15- Pakistani model Zara Abid in blackface and the burning trash fires of colorism and anti-Blackness

21: 45- Mark Zuckerberg retire bitch, also everyone please stop using facebook!!

28:11- Surveillance capitalism, our data is the product and companies are making money off of literally every human interaction

36:20- Lyft and Uber selling rider data and screwing over everyone and all public transit

45:00- WCW the USWNT and why we should stop paying all men