Chaivory Tower is a podcast by Sidra and Zainab, two South Asian Muslim women navigating graduate school and being Brown in America. We came together because of Twitter and our resident anxiety about existing on earth. Join us as we discuss public policy, urban planning, how to not be completely destroyed by capitalism, Neymar (both the soccer player and Zainab's cat), media and representation, the best snacks to pair with chai, and more. We're super niche but very relatable.


Sidra is a 20-something from Southern California via Riyadh via Karachi. She is a recovering workaholic from working in environmental planning for transportation projects, and is infuriated by capitalism. She is pursuing a Masters in Urban Planning and hopes to use her degree to work towards figuring out how cities can adapt to climate change. She sometimes writes very bad poetry under the genre of climate change goth.

Zainab is a 20-something hailing from San Diego by way of Karachi.  She currently works for a labor union, and will probably be talking a lot about how the American Dream is just a scam that lets employers pay their workers poverty wages. She is pursuing a Masters in Public Policy and hopes to use her degree to work on replacing shitty policies with better ones. Her favorite hobby is thinking up get-rich-quick schemes to pay for grad school. 


The Chaivory Tower theme song is created by Supermarket Love